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Default Re: Doc Ock's Lair v2 - Part 1

Originally Posted by Hobgoblin View Post
What did you all think of Ock's reaction to Toomes using children as goons? It seemed out of character for Otto to care about anyone other than himself. He had a sort of respect for Vulture for years and all of a sudden he sees him as a monster? The fact that Toomes is a frequent member of the Sinister Six would make it pretty clear he isnt a choir boy. That's why Octopus invited him in the first place.
I really liked Ock trying to reason with Toomes and offer him a way out. It did seem unusual for Ock to react in such a way to the children and the flashback to his past surprised me. The he does a complete 180 on Toomes and just attacks him. It definitely seems like Ock is changing.

Has Doc's childhood been so revealed before? I was surprised to see the flashback with his father.

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