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Default Re: The Next Batman Director

Originally Posted by Gotham's Knight View Post
I'm hoping for any of these: David Fincher, Darren Aronofsky, Ben Affleck (as long as he doesn't cast himself in it), Paul Thomas Anderson or Paul Greengrass.
I'd love to see PTA try a big budget type film. The fact that he has admiration for Nolan's trilogy and even stated that Nolan accomplished what everyone wants to by making something artistic, but still a big success with Batman makes me even more open to this idea. He even stated in the same Q & A that he would love to do a blockbuster given the chance. His films are always critically acclaimed, but they never make much money which may be why no blockbuster has looked at him. I think he would be a very interesting choice.

I'd be down with Affleck and I'd be fine with him casting himself in the film, just not as Bruce. I think he's a talented actor and has had very good performances in his directorial works, but I simply don't see him as Bruce.

Toro obviously could really do some cool things with the "freak" aspect of Batman's rogues. I think, because of Nolan's success, some of these bigger names might actually not be completely unlikely like they typically are with these comic book film wishlists.

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