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Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
You seem to have a very narrow minded view of Superman. Superman Lives was actually inspired by Superman comic books, loosely based on Dan Jurgan's Death of Superman, Funeral for a Friend and Superman's return in Reign of the Supermen. And Superman did wear a black and silver suit in the comics temporarily after he returned in Dan Jurgan's Reign of the Supermen.

Superman would have only worn the black and silver Kryptonian Eradicator created suit in Tim Burton's Superman Lives temporarily after he is resurrected and is virtually powerless to expedite his recovery. Supporting his strained back muscles, repair the fracture in his shoulder, protect his vertebrae, etc.

The Kryptonian Eradicator was created by Roger Stern in Action Comics Annual #2 (1989) "Memories of Krypton's Past." Also, Superman Lives incorporated the android Brainiac created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino in Action Comics #242 (1958) "The Super-Duel in Space" and Brainiac's Skull Ship created by Marv Wolfman and Gil Kane in Action Comics #544 (1983) "Rebirth", Brainiac's Menagerie (which originates in Kevin Smith's Superman Lives script) seems to be based on the Preserver's zoo of various alien species in a two-part episode of Superman: The Animated Series called "The Main Man" (1996) by Paul Dini.

No, you don't.

I said Superman versus Zod, again, because famously Superman fought Zod in Superman II with both the Richard Lester cut and the Richard Donner cut.

Superman versus Zod, again, in Man of Steel doesn't excite me or interest me, nether did Superman versus Lex Luthor, again, in Superman Returns. I'd like to see a live-action Superman movie were he fights villains in his rogues gallery other than Lex Luthor and the Phantom Zone villains, again.

Tim Burton's Superman Lives featuring Superman versus Brainiac and Doomsday and creatures from Brainiac's Menagerie, a zoological collection of various species on Brainiac's Skull Ship in space collected by Brainiac during Brainiac's journeys throughout the cosmos, has never been done before in a live-action Superman movie. That interests me and excites me every time I see more and more things from Superman Lives. I have longed to see a Superman movie were he battles the strange and powerful creatures in his rogues gallery like he has in the comic books for decades.

I believe Tim Burton's Superman Lives would have given new life to the Superman franchise and opened peoples eyes to the potential and possibilities of Superman films, with Tim Burton not playing it safe, not rehashing Donner. Tim Burton was boldly going far away from what the Richard Donner and Richard Lester Superman films had already done.

But that radical change eventually scared Warner co-chairman Bob Daly, who pulled the plug on Burton's expensive Superman Lives after Schumacher's Batman & Robin flopped, earning only $107 million domestically (less than half what Tim Burton's first Batman movie earned), Daly opted to green light Barry Sonnenfeld's Wild, Wild West, starring Will Smith, produced by Jon Peters, instead. Tim Burton explained, "It wasn't filmed because it was going to be an expensive movie, and they were a little sensitive because they were getting a lot of bad press that they had just screwed up the Batman franchise. Because of the corporate environment, all of the decisions are basically fear-based. So I think one of the aspects that lead to their decision was that somehow they were going to **** up another franchise."

"If they'd just allowed us to make the film," adds Burton, "I think that we could have done something interesting. And, you know, it was going to be an expensive movie. They made a choice. They had this, and WILD, WILD WEST, and they opted for that and canned this one. It's frustrating."
I don't have a narrow minded view of Superman at all, just because I don't like it when people alienate the character so much that they feel they have to make ridiculous changes just to sell toys and appease Jon Peters. I've read several versions of the Superman Lives script so I know quite a lot of stuff they did was more like Batman than Superman. Just because he wore a black suit in the comics doesn't mean it's faithful putting it on him here, I know the reasons he has the eradicatior suit, I've read the Death of Superman story multiple times. you don't have to try n teach me Superman I've pretty much read everything there is. I actually don't think the Dan Gilroy script was that bad but everything I've seen of this film just isn't Superman. Not to mention Nicholas Cage was totally wrong for the part.

You seem to like versions of Superman when he's out of character. I like else worlds as much as the next guy but just because they are that else worlds.

Also I still don't see how Zod's been over done just cause we get a second cut of Superman II.

If you don't want to watch Man of Steel unlucky for you but I want a proper Superman film not some bastardised version. Superman needed to start again not some sequel or whatever the hell you call this. Zod is obviously the right person to use in the new origin and I can tell you he looks a world away from the Terence Stamp version. Superman needs a MOS more than a Superman Lives which along with the other advert for toys Batman & Robin may have destroyed comic book movies before they even hit their stride. But you wanted to see this and I didn't so let's leave it at that, I thank god everyday that this abomination never came to light.

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