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Default Re: Should X-men stay with the "grounded" universe or embrace more Sci-fi , fantastic

I think this question in part depends on who's shaping the movie.
Singer's two X films always felt like they where holding back some of the "big" stuff if you will,but that added to the excitement. You could feel the tension in the first two movies building for something real amazing in the third installment, that would blow the lid off the conservative pace the first two had.
When Ratner took X 3 he let loose like I think a lot of fans where wanting, but to me it didn't feel in rhythm with the first 2 films. Where it was good it was great but where it was bad it was just terrible.

Now that Singer is back I feel he'll give us that all out X film we want and make it feel right at the same time. To me X3 just didn't fit the trilogy,but I got a feeling DOFP is going to tie into everything nicely.
The only problem I have with both of Singers movies is that I think you get a big give and take on the characters. With Ratner and Vaughn I think they where good at solidifying the supporting characters for the most part. With Singer,their are in my honest opinion several characters you could replace with cardboard cutouts and it would probably be for the better. The only problem being they should have been great supporting characters to begin with.

But to answer the question, I think with Bryan Singer we will receive a great balance of both if that's what we get with this film.

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