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Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
"More Batman than Superman"? A cosmic sci-fi epic with aliens, etc. is nothing like Tim Burton's Batman movies. Dan Jurgan's Death of Superman, Funeral for a Friend and Superman's return in Reign of the Supermen, which Superman Lives was loosely based on, are Superman stories, not even Elseworlds stories and didn't alienate the character. Superman isn't acting out of character in those stories. Superman wearing a black and silver suit upon his return is faithful to the source material, not there just to sell toys and appease Jon Peters. Tim Burton hates any toy companies interference in his filmmaking and producer interference. Producer Jon Peters told Kevin Smith that he wanted Superman not flying at all, not wearing the classic suit at all, fight polar bears, a giant spider, add a gay robot, which was not the same things director Tim Burton was going to do, with the exception of the giant spider. Burton always has his own ideas. Burton had that Kevin Smith script with Peters' ideas rewritten, retaining the giant spider Peters wanted, which was an idea that Burton liked.

Oh well. At least I have Superman and the Mole Men, Fleischer Superman, Adventures of Superman, Filmation New Adventures of Superman and Ruby-Spears Superman. Classic Superman sci-fi that I still enjoy watching.
Have you seen the artwork? It looks so Batman this has even been admitted by people involved with the film. They wanted to take away his powers etc. I give up with you cause you aways gave an answer for everything. The only things this had in common with the death and return if Superman were the black suit, he dies bad does back, the eradicator and it had a character who was meant to be Doomsday in it.

Yeah you enjoy that.

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