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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation - Part 2

Plus I don't believe these stories can continuously be recycled over and over again in the same regard as Bond. Bond can essentially tell a brand new story with new supporting characters (and the occassinal re-occurring Q or M) every time out. You can constantly update the character to the times. It's not about Russia anymore, now it's about terrorism. And that's pretty broad. Not the case with Batman or comic book films. The same characters cannot constantly be updated in that regard and they remain the same. Always.

I don't think a new solo series is the route to go with Batman. You can talk about striking the tone of the animated series, the Arkhum Games, bringing that to live action, but that story has been told countless times. Same characters, same setting, with some tweaks to plot here and there. Nothing new to fans. Hence not much for the general audience to care and see on the silver screen.

Here is the plan I would implement:

2013: MoS
2015: WW
2016/17: WF or MoS 2
2018: JLA

Then spin movies from that. I would use Jon Stewart in JLA and then pick up with Hal Jordan (reboot) or Guy Gardener or someone like that, with Jon making a cameo or something. Basically make it a self contained movie. Same thing with Flash, you can have Barry Allen in JLA, but then spin it off with Wally West with Barry in a small/supporting role. This gives you the flexibility to build self-sustained franchises without cumbering Justice League with backstory or overloading tie-ins with solo series. Also the fact that you are not tied to the same cast for a decade, which will be a problem with Iron Man if RDJ does not sign on for A2-3. Plus you need a veteran in the role of Batman for an ensemble movie, so casting a younger Bruce Wayne is a mistake. The actor stepping in will simply not have the gravitas to fill that role if they go young, hoping for another solo trilogy.

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