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Default Re: Sly Cooper 4 anyone?

Originally Posted by MagnarTheGreat View Post
-Pixel art of the Sly characters
-some of the weapons like Sly's cane and Carmelita's shock pistol
-a lot of other stuff like those

I think I'm about half-way through SC:TiT. The third hub world is the best so far, I love the verticality that was lacking in the previous hub maps. 'Bob' Cooper is hilarious. Nothing too difficult so far except for the boss battles, but the frequent checkpoints prevent it from ever really getting nearly frustrating. Here's a tip for the third hub world: getting the 30 clue bottles here enables you to crack a safe where you get the Clockwerk Eye, which makes it easier to find the clue bottles in the other maps according to the object description. Haven't tried it out yet though. There's also a mission that's straight out of God of War--the wall climbing. I do wish that the game was more difficult though, and it could have used some new blocking mechanics in what passes for the combat system to compensate.

Yeah, I heard about that.

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Possible sequel hook, maybe?

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