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Default Re: BOBA FETT and Young HAN SOLO Spin-Offs Being Planned?

Ok after the latest episode of Arrow I am calling it, Manu Bennet for Boba Fett! he has incredible presence and physicality and hits enough touchstones to be a believable untampered clone son of Temura Morrison.

Originally Posted by BenKenobi View Post
He had a purpose but I don't think the story would have been affected too much if he was left out imo. Might have even added to the mystique of his character, he got the job done and left. An all business kind of who's still out there somewhere being the best.
Maybe, but as an 8 year old I just wanted to see Han kick Boba's ass.

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
Well, that didn't really advance the script, though, did it? He'd have been kind of a loose end, a la Reese or Ramirez in TDK, but not one that would hinder the plot.

Having said that, a resolution between characters is always welcome.
A script is not only about advancement though, within a film, especially in this genre, there needs to be pay-offs to conflicts that are built up. To me Han vs Boba was Solo's individual showdown within the saga, the personal resolution of his "There's a price on my head" arc started in ANH.
You could argue that Jabba should have been his personal showdown but to me Boba was always more suited as he was the one that finally caught him and was sort of a kindred spirit who took a separate path at the fork in the road.

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