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Default Re: Episode 14:The Odyssey- Rate & Review Thread

This was probably shot before the season 2 announcement and her becoming a series regular.
Ummm no its done for "realism" and Drama lol, remember when Dig acted first like he detested what Ollie was doing and didnt want to be part of it?. Only to join a bit later, quite sooner actually coz it was the same episode. Thats whats going to happen here, she will eventually join, sooner too.

I dont think they were planning on getting rid of Felicity, even if she wasn't made regular she would still have been part of season 2 and beyond. Every show needs a nerd tech whiz.

lol funny, cool combos.
Seen people who are liking the dynamic calling them Figgle too or Diggity....last one is quite clever.

So many ships, and even more coming up later, ship wars are sooo gonna be fun.

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