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Default Re: Should X-men stay with the "grounded" universe or embrace more Sci-fi , fantastic

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
I agree SuperT. It should still be "grounded" but they can open the doors to more fantastical elements...

"Magic" can just be explained as a mutant power...

But especially in a movie like this, we need to see...a gritty dark future that could actually happen.

I tend to agree, if a characters abilities are somewhat mystical/magic based, I'd like them to find a way to keep that...

...does that mean I want the X-Men in limbo and

...without really explaining or trying to, I think the Avengers did okay with a character like Thor and having the more fantastical sci-fi elements towards the end of the film.

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Thank you for your vote, Hellion. (now I'd vote for you! :) )
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