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I think they wanted to keep the wii strategy of offering a less powerful cost effective console alternative at a different timeframe. But to be honest they rushed it because with the lack of games there interest isnt there then the naysayers jump on it to diss it. Also they need a completely different marketing team in that company, the cutesy wii style does not attract any core gamers, callinng the unit WiiU was a bad move as well. They need to go back to cool.

Nintendo needs to spend big time on development. They need more studios working on IPs. The need to have all their big guns on launch day (A mario, a zelda, a metroid, etc) to make big noise. They simply need a better way to supply the console with more AND better titles for the hardcore crowd which is the future of nintendo if they want to keep punching hard.

Now if the other two bring out consoles that cant play used games, people are not going to take that well and were looking at a possible market crash and it could be an opportunity to capitalize. I also think that the reveal of Retro studios game (bet you anything its metroid) and a date for a Zelda will get some interest back to the system.

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