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Default Re: Stand Alone & Spin-Off Star Wars movies...what would you like to see get made?

Originally Posted by BenKenobi View Post
Theres a 19 year span between the two films. I-III take place over 13 years and IV-VI take place over only 5. An entire trilogy could easily be put in here. Maybe something like force unleashed but that doesn't have Darth Vader repeatedly getting his ass handed to him.

Only things I wouldn't want to see personally:

*Little kid Luke Skywalker running around on Tattoine
*Obi-Wan having any contact with Vader (not necessarily no Obi-Wan, but none of that)
*No Yoda

Would love to see Obi-Wan travel to Dagobah, have a conference with Yoda & Qui-Gons Ghost about the future...

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