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Default Re: I want a new Spidey Animated series

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
You don't think it was a factor? They suddenly 86 a popular and successful show almost simultaneously when they kill and reboot the film franchise and you don't think the 2 are connected? Cartoon decisions and movie decisions tend to be as connected as possible so they can cash in on the movie's hype.
Actually, it was because the Spider-Man TV rights went back to Sony. After the production of Spider-Man 4 fell through, Sony needed an extension on the movie rights in order to reboot and continue doing Spider-Man films so they gave the TV and merchandising rights back to Marvel as a trade-off. Marvel had the choice to either make their own cartoon or spend a lot more money to either pay Sony to continue TSSM or to buy the rights from them. They obviously went with the decision to make a new cartoon since it was a lot cheaper.

Greg Weisman explained it on his Ask Greg website:

Marvel DIDN'T cancel it.
It's all very complicated, and we were certainly the recipients of bad corporate luck, but no single company cancelled the series. We just wound up with a situation where no single company could proceed with it.
I'll try to break it all down:
1. Sony had originally produced SpecSpidey as part of their overall entertainment license of the Spidey property (which of course included the extremely lucrative live action films).
2. But in order to win some concession on those live action feature films, Sony returned the animation rights to the character back to Marvel.
3. So now only Marvel could produce a Spider-Man cartoon. Sony no longer could, which meant SpecSpidey couldn't continue at Sony.
4. I have no idea whether Marvel was interested in continuing Spectacular Spider-Man or not. But let's assume for the sake of argument that they would have liked to.
5. They couldn't.
6. Why? Because Sony owned all the specific elements (designs, storyline, etc.) to the SpecSpidey VERSION of Spider-Man. So Marvel would have had to license all that BACK from Sony.
7. You can imagine how unlikely THAT scenario was. Marvel finally gets the rights back to do an animated version of their marquee character, and then they have to pay Sony to do it instead of just starting from scratch. That was never going to happen.
8. Of course, all this was complicated by the fact that Disney purchased Marvel, and Disney and Sony are direct competitors.
9. And I'm sure Marvel was excited to put their own stamp on an animated Spider-Man. Who could blame them?
10. So that was it. We were toast through no fault of our own. The folks at Marvel, Sony and even Disney all seemed to like our show, but the corporate mess made it impossible for us to continue.
11. And, yes, it is a bummer. (For me, at least.) But it's no single person or single company's fault. It's just how things shook out.
12. And finally, though I have no involvement with the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man, you can't deny that a lot of great people have worked on it. There's no reason to think it won't be as good or better than SpecSpidey. To a certain generation, SpecSpidey will always be THEIR Spider-Man cartoon. But to a new batch o' viewers, I'm sure their Spidey of choice will be the Ultimate.
Also, Ultimate Spider-Man has pretty much nothing in common with the reboot. Spectacular Spider-Man is a lot more like the reboot than USM so even if what you say was true, it wouldn't make much sense on Marvel's part.

I also think that despite the main reason being rights issues, TSSM wouldn't have continued anyway due to Quesada and Loeb being in charge of Marvel Animation. They openly came out and said that they don't like mature and intelligent shows with ongoing story arcs and that they also believe kids wouldn't like it either. That's why they cancelled Avengers EMH in favor of an Avengers show that, based on what we've heard so far from them, will not be like that. Going by that mentality and by the fact that Quesada likes to destroy Spidey in every medium, I'm assuming that TSSM would've been cancelled around the same time or just a tiny bit later than when it did even if Marvel could and wanted to continue it from where Sony left off.

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