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Default Re: Anyone feel the same way...?

It's funny. I've bought advanced tickets for all three films in Nolan trilogy a week before each release. I think I got BB a week or week in a half in advance. I remember asking for tickets for opening day (06/15/05). The young lady at the booth was searching on her computer for the movie. And then asked me "what day it comes out again"? I was shocked. I mean it's a batman movie for crying out loud. One of most anticipated movies of the summer of '05'. The movie was coming out in a week or so. And she worked in a theater, which I'm sure had BB posters and such everywhere. Though I can't be sure of that b/c BB was the first movie I saw in the theaters that year. I got the feeling it was the first time the woman heard of the movie. Not to mention me and my brother were probably the first to get advance tickets of BB at that particular theater anyway. So the hype for BB was definitely the smallest of the TDK trilogy and by comparison of the previous quadrilogy.

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