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Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
They just showed off a whole bunch of new games but apparently after people got over their initial excitement, it ultimately didnt mean squat bc they cant play them anytime soon
Also the competition is tougher now than when it was just a head to head with Sega & they generally had the upper hand. You have Sony the champions of modern consoles & Microsoft backed by billions who completely upped their game from their 1st attempt, you have an ultimate tech PC gaming resurgence, a low tech boom in mobile/facebook type casual gaming rivals, and who knows what upcoming competition from the likes of Apple, Google & Valve. Against this backdrop a low-spec next gen machine that isn't a mile ahead of current gen consoles and no games being released for it. BUT this is Nintendo and with that awesome looking future release slate they would be fine if they had just sorted out this gap in between. It's either terrible planning, management or complacency based on past success. Probably all 3.

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