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Default Re: Doc Ock's Lair v2 - Part 1

I always understood that Torbert was physically violent. In Year One, we see him chasing Otto to his room because Otto's gotten his glasses broken, and Torbert's got his belt off -- a sure sign he intended a whuppin'. He's always been depicted as a big, loud, angry man and Otto's feelings toward him have always seemed to center around hate and fear.

Otto's reaction to Toomes using children in SSM #3 didn't surprise me, but I took some time to think about all the comics I've read (and believe me, I have probably read just about every comic Ock's ever been in), and while he's never EVER shown any great love toward children, he's never specifically targetted them, either.

Oh, sure, plenty of his schemes would have caused children to die along with adults, but he's never gone after them directly.

Octavius has always been an evil man, a narcissistic and violent man, but there are some lines he won't cross.

So far, I've liked the pace of his redemption arc. Mostly it's little steps. He's still Otto Octavius; he's still kind of a big jerk. But... he's changing. Gradually.

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