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Default Re: Avengers Alliance

Originally Posted by Bim View Post
I'm stunned right now. So i completed task 25 and recruited Havok. Got myself 12 lockboxes in the roulette and i go to open them... i got the last comic book cover i needed and recruited Magneto!!! I dont even need to 4 star the three missions in order to try and get more lockboxes, but i just might just for the heck of it Oh, and i also made it to level 121... it's a good night!

Yeah i noticed that. I got IronMan valentine, Cap valentine, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor.. what the heck are those about? lol. Even isos are dropping when u visit allies, so get to visiting urs!
Got no luck with the deploys and roulettes. Have gotten only like 20 through those; rest came from Magneto side missions, the few PD gave us initially, and about 10-15 bought with my stored gold. With UIso now dropping through ally visits, may get enough to 4-star and complete the final Magneto task.

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