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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

Well, in short, everything. I'm sorry, but a script polish ain't gonna do it.

I'd say my biggest problem was them turning Darth Vader into Star Wars Jesus.

The first film was a mess. It's plot was all over the place, it had no clear protagonist. The pacing was a nightmare... I really don't think it's salvageable.

Actually, just to give a general direction, start off with Darth Vader as a young Jedi Knight. Again, not really a fan of Force Jesus. Make him less of an emo kid with relationship problems, and more of a Jedi already edging into Dark Side territory. Like show him strangling an enemy (rather than doing a Jedi mind trick)... foreshadowing.

Show him more attracted to the Dark Side because it gets **** done, as opposed to fear of losing his wife. Someone who wants to bring order to a chaotic galaxy.

Oh and rewrite that god awful romance.

Think that's a good start.

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