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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
What kind of person takes the time to write a Netflix review anyways?
Precisely what I was wondering, lol

Originally Posted by Gotham's Knight View Post
Netflix has some of the worst ratings for movies I've ever seen. Not sure if the ratings are the same in the American version as the Canadian version but I saw Tremors rated 5/5. I mean, WTF?
Yeah, it's pretty atrocious honestly. Some of it seems like borderline trolling, at least with the 1 start ratings. And I hate to sound snobby, but you can tell there's a lot of people on there who aren't really "movie fans" as such, and approach it more from a ... "my husband and I watched this last night and we ended up falling asleep halfway through. The plot was kind of hard to follow, the bad guy was hard to understand but Anne Hathaway made a pretty good Catwoman"...perspective.

Admittedly, being caught up in the bubble of geekdom and internet fandom, sometimes it's easy to forget that not everyone is going to approach the movie with the same kind of reverence and affinity. If one little thing rubs them the wrong way that could easily be enough to sour their whole perception of the movie. Especially a really long movie like TDKR that asks you to engage to fully get everything it has to offer.

Yeah, it's definitely not gonna be everyone's cup of tea. But it's still kind of shocking to see people calling it the worst Batman film ever made in a world where we have Schumacher's films.

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