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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

I never said anything about Millar. My point is that they're taking the steps to right the wrongs they did in the past (in Fox's case). If you want to spin that as greed and cash grabs then so be it, but either way it works out to bigger, more ambitious, and more faithful adaptations of the materials for us fans. Just look at what they're doing with The Wolverine. They learned from their mistake with Origins, went back to the drawing board and saw how much success Marvel was having with their faithful adaptations, and decided to make a Wolverine film that actually draws more from the comics and put Wolverine in his solo habitat, where his individual films should belong. The Wolverine will be like a Spider-Man film or Iron Man film, it will be completely Wolverine and could be looked at as its own corner of the universe in a way. Great step in the right direction.

Now with DOFP they're doing the most ambitious, and probably faithful, adaptation of any X-Men film. It all works out for the fans.

With FF they're bringing in a director who will actually honor the source material and make a film that is not only focused on popcorn value but also what make the FF special.

Once again, spin it however you want to but either way fans win.

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