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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I don't like the intro credits. Especially the scenes where Wolverine was stopping Sabretooth on killing people. It felt so forced and cheesey and the line from Sabretooth "tell me when its over". Ugh!
I thought it was done well, especially compared to the rest of the film. At least, there was some decent creativity goen on there.
Though I hated Gambit's fight scene with Wolverine because Gambit looked like a joke. Plus that scene where Wolverine was destroying the stairs was so awful. Gambit was definitely the best part of the movie! And towards the end it got better when he showed up again.
Agree and disagree with you here. Gambits fight was def horrible. He should have went after Creed not Logan. Then the ladder, random powers and cuts that made zero sense...non of it looked good. The films only purpose to use Gambit was to fight Wolverine and use him as a pilot. He just didnt belong in the film at all. Thought Kitsch was great casting though. Shame he didnt have a role here.

While it wouldnt have saved the film, I always thought If the film ended with Deadpool, Gambit and Logan fighting against Strykers forces (experiments) and Sabertooth instead of making Wade Weapon 11 it would have at least been more entertaining and put those characters more to use.Plus you would have three of X mens most bad ass characters fighting together on screen. Could have ended on a much more crowd pleasing and entertaining note.

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