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Default Re: Planet Hulk in Phase 3?

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
No, he just said there are pitfalls when it comes to continuity in general and it happens every couple years in comics, not that PH/WWH would be too continuity heavy. The context in which he was speaking is sort of vague, but I'm assuming he was referring to the statement he made before about them being able to do pretty much any storyline in the MCU as it continues to grow and become as big as the comic universe.
all he said was the planet hulk and wwh were cool stories. he ever said anything about them being adapted into the MCU. He simply said they were cool stories. that's it.

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Honestly, why is Latino Review given such credence? I ask this as an honest question: what is their *real* track record? How many scoops did they actually make, versus erroneous predictions, versus "scoops" that were either so obvious or so vague as to be meaningless?
relatively good, but elmayimbe, not so much. He probably just found drafts

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
They were also the first to break the news that Guardians of the Galaxy was gonna be Marvel's mystery movie in 2014.

A few of their IM3 scoops from the last year or two that we can soon use to gauge their validity:

-Ten Rings would make a big comeback
-IM3 armour is really the Mark XLVII (47) - with the others being an army of unmanned robot suits.
-Stan Lee's cameo as a beauty pageant judge
Yeah, but elbayimbe's track record isn't good. Well, everything he's posted has been news that's already confirmed. He lists his sources in the articles. As for him making bold predictions as this, announcing plans and such, he's only done it twice. He was wrong about one of them.

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