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Default Re: Which villain(s) should the reboot start with?

Eugh... The Court of Owls, such wasted potential. Personally, I'd like to see:

Film 1 (loosely adapted from Under The Hood):
Jason Todd (Primary)
The Penguin (Secondary)
Joker (Tertiary- no more than 20 minutes screentime)
Introduce Simon Hurt in a cameo

Film 2 (Loosely adapted from Hush):
Hush (Primary)
Riddler (Secondary)
Catwoman (Love interest/tertiary)
Increased role for Simon Hurt as Bruce's psychologist

Film 3 (based on RIP):
Doctor Hurt (Primary)
The Black Glove (Secondary)
Joker (Tertiary)

Over the course of the first two films, Simon Hurt would be introduced as a psychologist working for the GCPD, after Gordon recommends him jokingly to Batman.
Bruce begins to make appointments as Jason's return is on the anniversary of his death and in the sequel Bruce needs to deal with the death of his friend, this left him vulnerable to Hurt, the ultimate villain of the series.

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