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Nothing is completely original anymore. You can look at many films and find similarities to other films. All films have influences, inspirations, homages.

There have always been some similarities between Superman's costume and Batman's costume, classically they both wore cloth tights with trunks on the outside, yellow belts, boots, capes and an emblem on the chest, but they were different enough from each other to not be carbon copies of each other.

Tim Burton's Superman Lives suits are distinctively different looking from Burton's Batman, and conceptually the Superman Lives suits are Kryptonian. Superman Lives concept designer Ben Torres confirmed this.

There are many changes to the permanent Superman suit in Snyder's Man of Steel, removing many iconic elements of Superman's costume. Instead of cloth tights it is a sculpted suit conceptually from Krypton with sculpted musculature and a basketball texture (also used in Amazing Spider-Man) and Wonder Woman-esque silver bracelets and Power Rangers-eque stripes in the waist area and legs. Even the iconic "S" emblem is altered. The iconic "S" on the back of the cape is gone. The yellow belt is gone. Replaced with just a silver belt buckle without the belt. The red trunks are gone, an iconic part of his suit since 1938, a uniform that started the superhero genre. If you can accept such a non-traditional suit as the permanent suit in Snyder's Man of Steel, you should be able to accept Burton's Superman Lives.

The Kryptonian Explorer is distinctively different than Burton's Batmobile.

Ben Torres explained, "The underlying idea was to emphasize the science fiction aspect of Superman. People forget that Superman is a science fiction character, he is from Krypton, he interfaces with technology, etc. so to explore these options seems to be natural. Since Superman had lost his powers in this particular version we wanted to explore the various aspects of Kryptonian technology."
However, there is no Kryptonian Explorer in the Superman Lives script by Wesley Strick that Tim Burton had original intended to film, only in the Dan Gilroy script did the Kryptonian Explorer K-Craft appear, formed by K (the Kryptonian Eradicator) while Superman has temporarily lost his powers and needs to go into space to Brainiac's Skull Ship. In the Wesley Strick script while Superman has temporarily lost his powers, K forms himself into a suit on Superman, and then, sprouting under and around him, are aerodynamic projections -- a sleek tailpiece, Stealth-like wings so Superman can fly until he regains his powers, and he flys in space that way in the Strick script. The picture that you asked what Superman is attached to is concept art of Superman flying with the K suit. This is also concept art of Superman flying with the K suit...

There has been similarities between Superman's Fortress of Solitude ice cave and Batman's Batcave since the creation of the Fortress of Solitude, but fortunately Burton's Fortress of Solitude and the Batcave are distinctively different from each other (and also different from Donner's Fortress of Solitude).

Ridley Scott's Alien with HG Giger's art designs has been hugely influential on sci-fi, as has Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. Even Superman/Aliens and Superman/Aliens 2: God War comic book mini-series were published by DC and Dark Horse. The production art piece of Superman in the process of regeneration with the recovery suit resembles the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation more than Edward Scissorhands. Many films have various influences, inspirations, homages.

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Manbat I adore you, those articles were amazing thanks!!!
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Wow, brilliant post, man. Seriously, I couldn't possibly counter debate that. That post is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. You're obviously a true scholar of Batman lore
You've convinced me. Well played, sir. It's great to debate with someone who has the hard facts to back up what they say

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