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Default Re: Jimmy/Jenny - where do you stand?

I stand in the "I would hate it" camp, that's where I stand.

Jimmy serves a purpose, or at least he can serve one. Jimmy's his pal, his confidant, his male bud. Making him a girl invites speculation for a possible love triangle or something of the sort, and when you've got Lana in the picture, it seems pretty useless, and a waste of a perfectly good character.

Plus, there's plenty of cool stuff you can do with a photographer that follows Superman around and gets into dangerous situations. Personally, I have this conception of an "edgier" Jimmy who's a go-getter freelance photojournalist travelling the world and awkwardly documenting armed conflicts and stuff like that, and I refuse to give it up unless they present something better. The Jenny from the trailer seemed like a secretary or something, from the way she was dressed. Again, a waste of a character. It would be a self-indulgent alteration done just for the hell of it, from the "Look, I'm such a great writer that I can change anything I want and you'll still love it" kind. I'm praying she's Jimmy's sister or cousin.


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