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Default Re: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Animated - Part 1

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
The animated movie is an adaptation of Frank Miller's TDKR, but even you have to admit certain scenes were added, for example the scene towards the end where Bruce joins the mutants in Cave was not exactly as in the comics, here Oliver Queen first leads the group and then Bruce joins then later.
I said the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Part 1 and Part 2 movies are extremely faithful to Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, I didn't say they are exactly the same entirely in every way. Films and comic books are two different mediums of course. There are minor alterations and some dialogue was added, some scenes were extended a bit. The majority of the moments and dialogue in the Part 1 and Part 2 films is pulled straight out of the graphic novel. And many the important points that were expressed in the internal thoughts in the novel are included in the spoken dialogue in the films. Also in the novel Green Arrow/Oliver Queen is seen with the Batboys, former members of the Mutants gang and Sons of the Batman gang, in the Batcave. Batman/Bruce Wayne faking his death appears to have been Oliver's idea. Oliver told Bruce that Superman/Clark Kent would leave Bruce alone by faking his death and staying quiet, and Oliver was right.

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Manbat I adore you, those articles were amazing thanks!!!
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Honesty, God bless you Man-Bat.
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Wow, brilliant post, man. Seriously, I couldn't possibly counter debate that. That post is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. You're obviously a true scholar of Batman lore
You've convinced me. Well played, sir. It's great to debate with someone who has the hard facts to back up what they say

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