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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

Great posts Anita. TDK and TDKR definitely ask some hard questions about the impact of someone like Batman on society.

And it's all set up early on, starting with in the epilogue of Batman Begins. If Batman is going to attract loonies to Gotham, what does that mean about his crusade?

And then the end of TDK sets us up for TDKR. If Batman is willing to sacrifice the very intention of the symbol he created in order to preserve hope for Gotham, what will be ultimate cost for a Bruce Wayne who is already damaged and is currently without a plan to live a normal life?

Then TDKR goes a step further and asks, what if he got what he wanted and his actions have finally led to Gotham cleaning itself up? Does evil just disappear? How does the inherent good in humanity triumph over some of the evils, or undesirable truths inherent to society?

Tough questions for sure. Ones that can't be answered by Batman punching evil in its stupid face (as Kevin Smith likes to say), though that doesn't make it any less satisfying when he does.

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