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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
First of all it's not nonsense. Second of all this is the Silver Surfer not FF. He is entirely his own character and has his own unique stories and background that are in no way specifically tied to the Fantastic Four.

And you people do realize that it's not the studio who makes these films but the creative teams put on them right? Just because it is being produced by Fox does not make it inherently bad. Fox has plenty of good films and that includes three good X-Men films. The FF films were a disaster because of the PEOPLE they put on it, not because "well it's Fox". I swear so many of you on this forum know absolutely nothing of what you're talking about and base your opinions completely off of knee jerk emotion instead of actual facts and informed thinking.

And in the grand scheme of things Fox having it is better than Marvel having it because all Marvel would do it with is maybe make one or two films that will somehow tie back into the Avengers. FF should not work like that. If they didn't do that then one of their other solo films would be getting the shaft for a film that would should not have much to do with the Avengers.
While I agree that the FF should not heavily rely and/or tie to the Avengers as Marvel/Disney seems the direction they want to go (see example of Marvel getting the rights to Daredevil and yet they sit)that still doesn't give me the confidence in any Fox production outside of their Flagship X-Men (which in their little shared universe that the FF would be as dependent on the X-Men as they would be on the Avengers so there's no real improvement there) that they'll do a even decent FF film. I think we've done the "Just put any movie out there just to keep the rights" FF film and Tim Story disappointments.

And as far as Silver Surfer thats like saying that if Sony made a bad Spider-Man film that we'd separate Venom from it. You really can't because Venom has a direct connection to Spider-Man just as the Silver Surfer is connected to Galactus which is connected to the Fantastic Four. Plus I think Fox doesn't have all the the FF villains except for Doom, Galactus and the Surfer anyway so Fox has no choice but to directly connect them..

I'd rather wait till Phase III and or IV then have Fox do anything with anything connected to the FF

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