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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Pa

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
Care to explain your reasons,

I think the odds would go a little like this.

1)Halle Berry (She's the last big star from the original trilogy, She's an ethnic character which gives the movie diversity, her powers allow for large scale, visual effects heavy money shots, she appears in the comic, is the current leader of the X-Men in the movieverse and she has a huge fan following)
2)Rebecca Romijn (She and Bryan have a great working relationship, she has a younger version of herself in the past and could cater for giving JenLaw a bigger role as time traveler)
3) Daniel Cudmore (A fan favourite, Colossus appeared in the comic storyline and his abilities could make for amazing action scenes.)
4)Alan Cumming (He would require explanation to return but he is a fan fav and many would like to see him come back and continue his relationship with Storm, Nightcrawler appeared in the comic and his appearance could cater for an nod at his lineage with both Mystique and Azazel in the movie.)
5) Famke and James (the most unlikely but could appear in a am alternate future ending after they stop the event that triggers the dystopian future, or appear in a flashback that Storm or Wolverine could have.)
Here Is my thinking.

1:Rebecca Romijn Is a favorate of Bryan Singer.She remains on very good terms with him and producers.She even cameod In First Class.Mystique Is In past.It makes sense she would be In fuutre.Someone other than Xavier and Magneto needs to be In both timeframes.Plus some non X-Man besides Magneto should survive.With Magneto likely a larger role In Future than In comic It makes sense for his right hand to be at his side.
2aniel Cudmore was seen following Bryan Singer on twitter.That could be a tipoff.Plus Bryan reportly wanted to do more with Colossus after X2
3:Alan CUmming-If you read between the lines when Bryan was asked It defently seems like a return of nightcrawler Is very possable.Bryan likes the character of Nightcrawler
4:halle Berry-If you read between the lines Bryan seemed to hint at Nightcrawler more than Storm returning.Bryan also seemed to Indicate for him
the real stars of his first 2 films were Patrick Stewert,Ian Mckellen,Hugh Jackman,and Anna Paquin.Storm Is not one of his favorate characters.She could very well not make the cut
5:Famke Janssen and james Marsden-Both of them may not make cut due to Bryan not ignoring the Last Stand.

They aren't going to bring back everyone.SomeoneEllen Page might have made the cut due to Anna Paquin's True Blood schedule.

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