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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Pa

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Here Is my thinking.

1:Rebecca Romijn Is a favorate of Bryan Singer.She remains on very good terms with him and producers.She even cameod In First Class.Mystique Is In past.It makes sense she would be In fuutre.Someone other than Xavier and Magneto needs to be In both timeframes.Plus some non X-Man besides Magneto should survive.With Magneto likely a larger role In Future than In comic It makes sense for his right hand to be at his side.
I don't see why another character besides Prof X and Mags NEEDS to be in this as you state there is no requirement. I also feel that Mystique's arc ended with X3 so bringing her back may require some explanation. She turned against Mags after he left her. I understand your point about there being another mutant that is not an X-Men surviving but then again the comic only had magneto as the only surviving villainous mutant. I just don't think she has higher odds then Halle, Alan or even Daniel.

2aniel Cudmore was seen following Bryan Singer on twitter.That could be a tipoff.Plus Bryan reportly wanted to do more with Colossus after X2
I think you could be reading too much into that and again Cudmore was a forgettable part of the franchise and was not a star, He would only likely return if he served an important part in the story and it seems like Iceman has taking over his position from the comics and just because Singer wanted to do more with him doesn't mean he will do that for this movie. But there is the possibility for his return but I don't think it's this high.

3:Alan CUmming-If you read between the lines when Bryan was asked It defently seems like a return of nightcrawler Is very possable.Bryan likes the character of Nightcrawler
Alan is the least likely candidate after Famke and James, he didn't have a large role in the comic storyline plus he hasn't been in an X-Men movie since X2. He's return may require an explanation especially if this is continuing from X3. Nightcrawler may return because he is fan favorite. And because of his relation to Mystique and Azazel.

4:halle Berry-If you read between the lines Bryan seemed to hint at Nightcrawler more than Storm returning.Bryan also seemed to Indicate for him
the real stars of his first 2 films were Patrick Stewert,Ian Mckellen,Hugh Jackman,and Anna Paquin.Storm Is not one of his favorate characters.She could very well not make the cut
I really don't see how you read that into what he said. Both replies were vague and non committal. The only difference being that one reporter pushed for more from Singer regarding Nightcrawler. I think Halle is very likely for the reasons I've already stated. I really don't see where he indicates that Halle was not a star of the franchise, Rogue added nothing to the movies after X1 at least Storm added great SFX sequences.

5:Famke Janssen and james Marsden-Both of them may not make cut due to Bryan not ignoring the Last Stand.
I actually completely agree with this.

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