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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Pa

Rebecca romijn was very much one of the Singer circle of actors.I don't think Bryan will let what went down In Last Stand keep him from using an actor since she wasn't killed.Plus on commantary of Last Stand It was revealed at end
Mystique was suspose to be In part with Magneto and It was going to be revealed she remained on his side and her going to government was part of plan.
Her schedule with TV show didn't allow It.Plus Magneto having multiple man ready for distraction hints at this plot devolpment.

Daniel Cudmore could return simply to showcase Colossus In action sequenzes
of freeing prisoners from sentinles and battle against sentinles.

Bryan defently hinted at possibly of Nightcrawler returning.While he might not
make the cut he defently seemed a bit more open to that than Storm.

Bryan defently In Interview seemed to hin he felt Patrick,Ian,Hugh,and Anna
were stars of X-Men and X2.Just because some felt Rogue didn't add much after first film doesn't mean he agrees.Halle Berry may end up making the cut
but there Is possibilty she won't.Plus If she does she may have less role than
most of other announced returnes In future scens with exception of Iceman.

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