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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Atm, I still think the dystopian future will be an alternate timeline, and for that future what we saw in X1 to X3 either did not happen or did not happen in quite the same way, as the event that is being changed to actively prevent that future occurs in 1973, before the original trilogy.

So, for the original trilogy to stand intact, that change has already taken place in it's past.

This would allow for them to have Xavier alive in the future without having to refute X3, or expand on the post credits mind swap nonsense (which would also require explanation of Moira's presence there). Rogue can still be powered, etc.

What this would mean for the film is that in changing the past of 1973 they basically set up the world of X1 to X3...which doesn't end all that well...
I don't think so because Singer thanks Ratner for sparing the lives of Rogue, Kitty and Iceman. The Wolverine is supposedly tying into Days Of Future Past according to Mark Millar, and we know The Wolverine is set after The Last Stand.
Singer also said he hopes to fix things or clean up the mess left by TLS. I think that may mean, going back in time and creating a brand new timeline where Cyclops, Xavier and Jean are still alive. Regarding Xavier being in the future alive, there is a post credits scene in X3.

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