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Default Re: Jimmy/Jenny - where do you stand?

Honestly, I'm not really that bothered Jimmy/Jenny Olsen, it makes no difference to me.

It sort of falls in the same sort of discussion category as Laurence Fishburne playing Perry White in my opinion with the talking point being that he is black & in every previous incarnation of the character both live action/comic the character is white.

However my opinion on this sort of falls in the same category, while they are important characters to an extent in the Superman story, I don't consider them important enough that things cannot change with the character in particular in regards to appearance, white/black/male/female/multicolour or indifferent.. makes no difference to me so long as the character itself is somewhat still in the same realm as it always has been.

If Jimmy is actually Jenny, given that typically Jimmy sort of looks up to/tries to impress Clark, it would be interesting to see how they plan to handle that if Jimmy becomes Jenny meaning it could come off kinda bad if she seemingly comes across as being attracted to Clark & he kinda blows it off.. they could flip it & have Jenny look up to Lois..

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