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Default Re: Anyone feel the same way...?

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
BB is definitely like the "indie" film of the Batman movies. I mean, it's obviously still a huge studio movie, but you had a young Chris Nolan bringing some of his indie sensibilities to it, and you had WB kind of unsure how to market it which led to it creating something of a cult following.

It was weird having a Batman film not be the center of attention in the movie world, but there was some trust that needed to be earned there. It was a fun time as a fan, felt like you were in on something great. It was very satisfying to expose people to that movie on DVD in the following years and see their reaction.
This! Exactly this feeling. There was a tinge of sorrow from it being under-appreciated, but it also felt like the most awesome secret to be able to share with people. Like, 'dude, you don't even know what Batman is, you need to see this, I'm serious'.

I still remember a friend of mine (who I got to watch it like a year late) telling me how it changed his outlook on life. 'It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you' seems like a hokey cliche to a number of cynical fans now, but it was powerful the first time through for many. Including me. I saw the film during a rough patch of my life, and it's themes helped give me direction.

It set the stage for the future of Batman in such a perfect way - and I think, in some respects, it still hasn't been succeeded. The tone and storytelling were groundbreaking.

It's amazing how much more hype The Dark Knight got comparatively. Like, after Begins, the Batman floodgates flew open. lol

I guess it was people catching Begins late on DVD coupled with the Joker virals that were so popular (as well as the revealed concept for the Joker, it was controversial at the time). Then later, of course, Heath's passing.

Gonna be honest.. as much as I love TDK, Inception, and TDKR, I missed the more intimate 'indie' feel from Nolan's earlier work.

Also, I need to blurt this out since my mind has wandered to it: The Prestige was awesome.

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