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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 3

Originally Posted by lordofthenerds View Post
Honestly, I can't really blame X3 for giving minor roles to throwaway characters from the comic. With the exception of Psylocke, did anyone actually care that they 'wasted' those characters on screen? Better to waste Quill than Gambit.
To me Arclight, Omega Kid and Spyke didn't bother me (though I feel like Omega Kid had more lines than Colossus) because they weren't really notable in the comics and they didn't have promotional pictures. So I just saw them as one of Magneto's soldiers that they were just there to fight and they aren't as important as Juggernaut, Mystique, Pyro, Toad and Sabretooth.

But it would have been better if they just picked 3 to 5 supporting characters that are part of Magneto's Brotherhood. There will still be a lot of Brotherhood mutants in the Alcatraz battle but I wish they just focused on 3 to 5 Brotherhood members. They should have just gave the role of Arclight, Multiple Man, Spyke, Omega Kid, Psylocke to those three to five supporting Brotherhood members.

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