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Default Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 "The Suicide King" Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Darthphere View Post
I can see why people are putting a lot into the kiss. The camera lingered for a long time and it seemed they wanted us to focus on it. Also, with Beth being the "mom" to little Judith Asskicker so to speak, I can see that developing further. I hope it doesn't because it's a lame cliche storyline but yeah.
Thank you. People act like this has been conjured from thin air. I'm not saying Rick is going to marry Beth, but that moment was shot in the EXACT same way as Beth's little moments with Carl. They were meant to be noticed. Ripe for speculation.

To reiterate, not saying anything will come from it, but I wouldn't be surprised if Carl did something stupid because his crush is crushing on his dad.

The way this show is, I would not be surprised if Crazy Rick began thinking Beth is Lori. He can even call her Loribeth.

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