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that sounds about right since Miyamoto did say he actually wanted to delay Pikmin 3.

In fact, everything that was slated for 1stQ 2013 has either been delayed (Rayman, Pikmin) or seems to be quietly pushed back (The Wonderful 101).

Nintendo has to stop releasing systems with no killer apps. If they could just have a proper full-scare Mario game (in vain of Mario 64, Galaxy...) and any other big name franchise ready at launch, people will be complacent. The N64 had nothing out of its gate besides Mario 64 and f&$%ing Pilotwings, and just Mario alone helped a system with hardly any launch games (and a slow launch window) sell like crazy. Even a delayed killer-title would help...the Gamecube did not launch with SSBM, but it only took one measely month for that game to come out.

Get the people a must-have game or two at launch, people will buy the system, and then (in my perfect scenario) use the following months to experiment with new franchises and characters while prepping more big name titles (Wii U Kirby, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Starfox)... system has ever had a awesome launch like the Dreamcast...that is sad that the system that had an EXCELLENT launch line-up, AND had great games coming out months after was the system that gave up...

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