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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post
Why would yo assume that Fox the rights to the Shi'ar Empire when they don't have the rights to the Inhumans, Black Panther and Namor. All of which debut on the FF comic but Marvel has the rights to?
Because they first appeared in X-Men, not FF, and are primarily used in X-Men books.

Well being the FF are the only Non-Mutant in the Fox-Marvel shared universe I think they do have to heavily depend on the the X-Verse because the Fox-Verse is the X-Verse and the FF just has to fit in somehow. And there in lies the problem of Fox holding on to the rights. The FF are heroes but Mutants are villains..
I don't understand how you figure because they're not mutants they have to be dependent on X-Men because they are mutants. It doesn't make sense. Mutants existing could have very little effect on the Fantastic Four other than the public being cautious of them when they first debut...which will obviously change.

It would be fine if the Studios worked together. Even Easter Eggs (courtesy of X studio) cost money I gather. But they won't because of greed. All these studios want something from Marvel and Marvel doesn't have to give them anything to further their MCU. So they'll keep all the rights and do the best they can. Sony can do it because they have a Marvel Staple in Spider-Man. The FF aren't as known to the GA and really do need an Avengers-like Jumpoff like Ant-Man will probably do through A2.. But, Fox?? They're either too stupid or too arrogant to realize this.. So who suffers?? The one's who dreams of a financially successful FF movie that will warrant sequels.
The FF are pretty well known though. They were one of Marvel's most well known brands up until 2008 along with Hulk and Spider-Man. Guardians isn't getting a jump off film and they're a very similar concept to FF (except without as much of the family and exploration aspect).

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