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Default Re: Speculation: Lineup for Avengers 2

I imagine it'll pretty much be the same line-up as the first Avengers. They could also have Black Widow and Hawkeye get taken out by villains at some point. The team needs to find some replacements and recruit Ms. Marvel and Ant-Man. Or they might just need more members to defeat Thanos. It could be neat to see Ms. Marvel introduced in an Avengers film and then get an origin movie later, if the public reacts well to her. I think it would be interesting to have a new member forced onto the team. It could create a bit of tension and interplay with existing members, as they try to figure her/his origin out. "How did you get your powers again?" I do feel the team needs more than 1 female member.

She-Hulk won't happen. She'd have to be all CGI, which I feel would be harder to pull of than Hulk. She-Hulk would have to not only have a presence but also a sexiness to her. Might be really hard to do correctly. Of course, maybe she can be Hulk's replacement in Avengers 3?

If they keep recruiting members, maybe by Avengers 3, the team could be rather large. They could have them split into smaller teams to deal with different locations/crises simultaneously. Would be a great way of creating tension by allowing for cross-cutting between teams and situations.

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