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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

I think Pym should be a scientist either working for SHIELD or freelance. He discovers Pym Particles but is having a hard time getting SHIELD to embrace his research (maybe it has a time limit for how long a subject can remain small). While snooping around in their other projects (to see his competition), he discovers resources being siphoned off from SHIELD (AIM, guess we'll see what their existence is like in IM3), so he decides to use his own discovery to stop the theft and prove his technology's worth to SHIELD.

I do like the idea of Wasp getting roped into helping him and tagging along. I've been championing the idea of them having witty sparring banter. Like Tracy/Hepburn. A super-powered couple isn't something we've seen on film much. Would be refreshing and different.

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