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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

Ok, I know some people will want to kill me for this, but what the hell.

What if they make Carol Danvers the Kree spy who decides to defend the Earth instead of Lawson/Mar-vell? It would expedite her intro into the MCU, explain her powers, cut out the middle man (Mar-vell) and introduce the concept of the Kree into the films. I know it would cut out her backstory but they're probably not going to deal with her alcoholism, her rape or getting her powers stolen by Rogue. And just imagine a scene in which she's a SHIELD agent and the Avengers/SHIELD are overmatched by some adversary and she has to reveal her powers to save them. An interrogation scene would reveal her true self/her powers and the Kree. This could also tie into the Avengers mistrust of her (done in the comics with her alcoholism and her over-zealous nature).

I don't know, I think it could work. But I'm prepared for my public flogging!

By the way, I've read that Carol got her powers when Mar-vell was dying and he transferred them to her, but I know he also died of cancer in the classic Jim Starlin "Death of Capt. Marvel" graphic novel. I know superheroes are resurrected all the time, but I was wondering how Marvel explained these 2 Mar-vell deaths. Would appreciate it if someone could enlighten me.


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