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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Because they first appeared in X-Men, not FF, and are primarily used in X-Men books.
Fox owns everything pertaining to mutants and all mutant X characters (But why Marvel owns Cable kinda throws me for a loop using that logic) and not necessarily which comic it came from first as the above examples of Namor not being owned by Fox but first appeared in the FF. There is I'm sure some grey area like Wanda and Pietro Maximoff but I can't call it as IMO I think Marvel has a lock on all empires in the cosmic realm. I could be wrong though

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
I don't understand how you figure because they're not mutants they have to be dependent on X-Men because they are mutants. It doesn't make sense. Mutants existing could have very little effect on the Fantastic Four other than the public being cautious of them when they first debut...which will obviously change.
I don't mean the X-Men team its self but the Fox X Universe as a whole. They're alone because Fox has all the mutants but none of the non-mutant heroes. GoG aren't dependent on the Avengers team but they'll share a common foe in Thanos (maybe) but the GoG are their own team. What foes do the X-Men and the Fantastic Four share like that?? Thats what I'm saying..

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
The FF are pretty well known though. They were one of Marvel's most well known brands up until 2008 along with Hulk and Spider-Man. Guardians isn't getting a jump off film and they're a very similar concept to FF (except without as much of the family and exploration aspect).
But Marvel has momentum that Fox only has with the X Franchise. And even Fox's momentum pales in comparison to the Marvel film culminating the Avengers. In fact the Avengers is the first Marvel Comic movie to get a Oscar nomination (fact-check me on that if I'm wrong). And you have to take into consideration that FF had two not well received movies previous. Though fans are more readily able to separate a reboot the GA, not so much. Even now if you google the FF reboot the picture associated with the story have the old cast which revives memory of the old films in respect to the reboot.
Originally Posted by Aztec
But they are NOT in the same universe. Despite what the leaches over at Fox and Sony may want; Marvel/Disney doesn't want it...and rightfully so IMHO. It just wouldn't make any sense that the Battle of New York is never mentioned in Spider-Man. Or the fact that mutants are running amok isn't addressed in Avengers. I'm so glad that the Oscorp building was left out of Avengers.
Originally Posted by cherokeesam
Show me proof that Marvel/Disney doesn't want to share their universe with the Marvel properties at other studios. There's no indication of that whatsoever except in the blinkered visions of a handful of Marvel Rights Activists on these boards.
Aztec wouldn't be able to provide proof because his assertion just isn't true. Marvel would like use of all its characters. What Marvel doesn't want to do is pay another studio for its use. See what's wrong is that the other studios (and maybe even Marvel themselves) don't want to help a rival studio even though they're too greedy to see that it'll help themselves and their own properties. I'm almost willing to bet that the Oscorp Easter Egg that almost was in the Avengers will materialize in another form possibly in ASM2 to establish that Spider-Man exists in the MCU. Its about money. It's all about Money. The Fans as well as the GA wants to see a cohesive Marvel universe. The studio exec's have to know this. They just need to get to the table to get this straight

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