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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 3

I don't really want to see Cyclops and Jean back. I'd love to, but...there's no way this movie will turn into anything other than a mess if they spend time explaining time travel, Jean, Cyclops, Professor X, Sentinels, Rogue, Magneto, linking 70s to current days, AND still making sense and having a nice storyline in the middle of that.

The only corrections I need to see is Rogue (pretty much confirmed, YAY! love you Singer), and I'm still holding out hope for Storm, even if she is just a money-shot grabber. Having the Sentinels without Storm frying a dozen of them at once will be just...depressing. She's the BEST mutant in terms of fighting a Sentinel and making it look cool.

Magneto is gonna be really lame (Sentinels turning into thousands of pieces or being crushed), Wolverine is so blah wit his slashing, Iceman could be somewhat okay, Kitty a non-event...without Cyclops and Storm, Sentinel battling just isn't the same. And Cyclops is dead already in the future.

EDIT: Actually...I wouldn't mind the opening scene of the film being Storm being chased by Sentinels, fighting them for all she's worth, giving us the best opening to an X-Film ever, and then dying.

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