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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post
1) I don't mean the X-Men team itself but the Fox X Universe as a whole. They're alone because Fox has all the mutants but none of the non-mutant heroes. GotG aren't dependent on the Avengers team but they'll share a common foe in Thanos (maybe) but the GotG are their own team. What foes do the X-Men and the Fantastic Four share like that?? That's what I'm saying..

2) But Marvel has momentum that Fox only has with the X Franchise. And even Fox's momentum pales in comparison to the Marvel film culminating the Avengers.

3) Aztec wouldn't be able to provide proof because his assertion just isn't true. Marvel would like use of all its characters. What Marvel doesn't want to do is pay another studio for its use.
I don't know how to split quotes so I'll just number some points to respond to.

1) I agree. I have no idea what kind of common ground they will find for X-Men and Fantastic Four. Even more of a reason why I don't have much faith in Fox pulling off anything special with their Fox Marvel Cinematic Universe (FMCU?).

2) Agreed, but again this furthers my point that Marvel simply doesn't need to associate with Fox. There would be no advantage in doing so.

3) I don't get it. You trash me by claiming that my "assertion just isn't true" and then you say nothing about how it isn't true. In fact, everything you claim I agree with completely. OF COURSE Marvel WANTS to use all of its characters, it's just that they have proven that they don't NEED all of their characters to be successful. So why on earth or Asgard would they need a useless financial leach like Fox and/or Sony to deal with?

Finally, you claim that you are "almost willing to bet" TASM2 will tie into the MCU. While nothing is impossible, this is pure speculation at best. Again, I have to ask: What does Marvel/Disney have to gain from this? A very popular character as part of their universe that they can't use in a film without paying through the nose for? Especially when they are proving that second and even third tier characters can be successful on screen with the right talent and plot? And not to mention they have hundreds more such characters on top of that? I just don't see it. Sorry.


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