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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

1 is pretty good. It's the only movie I actually liked Mary Jane in of the trilogy.

3 embarrasses me, but Harry seriously, seriously rocks in it.

But I absolutely love 2 and Amazing.

2 mostly for how brilliantly they re-invented Ock and created a classic, epic tangle between them and some sense of mentorship, and that train-stopping scene? Come onnn.

And Amazing for how well they created an interesting, sympathetic, more relevant Doc Connors that has more to do with Peter - even functioning as a semi-parental figure, and defending him from Oscorp despite his position in the end. But more importantly, for how well they wrote every character (particularly Gwen/Peter) compared to Raimi's portrayals.

I think the writing/portrayals/chemistry in Amazing give it the edge for me. That -was- Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and as much as I loved 2, Tobey's version just didn't fully capture the right energy. I also think the action is more fluid, creative, and intense. There were a ton of clever or funny scenes - the sorts of things that were absent from 2 that as a fan were important for me. The bit where Spidey creates a web in the sewers down all the pipes, playing games on his phone while he waits. All the smooth, hilarious quips. Awesome.

There's also a line flub regarding Ock's perception of responsibility in 2 that hurts repeat viewings for me.

Early in the movie, he and Peter have this great moment where Octavius expresses his philosophy, but later on when Peter brings this back up to him during the climax, he mixes the line up and ends up stating the opposite -- but it's as if he doesn't realize he's reading the line wrong and they left it in anyway (because it was still wonderfully delivered).

It's just one line, but the believability of the character's philosophy is compromised by it, the suspension of disbelief is broken, and I can't watch the film without being distracted by that. So close to being a flawlessly written re-invention.

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