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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
Since we're doing lists:

1 - The Amazing Spider-Man
2 - Spider-Man 2
3 - Spider-Man
4 - Spider-Man 3

@ Slam

I dunno what's embarrassing about 2 that isn't embarrassing about 1. They're pretty much balanced as far as that goes - and it's not a level that's offensive, as we see with 3. I'm fine with it.

In other words, would you mind elaborating?
I hated Dr. Octopus being really slick and cool and I hated that he was superstrong for some reason. And the idea that he was just a good guy being controlled by the Octopus arms. I hated pretty much everything having to do with Kirsten Dunst including the on-again, off-again love proclamations. The romance was so awkward and boring. I hate the Russian landlord and most attempts to inject silly one off characters that werent as funny as they wanted them to be. Overall, I wasn't really impressed with Tobey as Peter. The psychosomatic power loss had a lot of wasted potential. The Rainsdrops keep falling on my head sequence was almost as painful to watch as emo-Peter. A lot of the acting seemed to lack a lot of sincerity and the attempts at humor fell flat to me.

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