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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

Spider-Man: 8/10
Spider-Man 2: 9/10
Spider-Man 3: 6/10
The Amazing Spider-Man: 5/10

SM2 is definitely a step above the others. One of the top five superhero films ever. Spider-Man could have been as good, but it lets down in the second act after a fantastic origin sequence. It has a great first act, then not much happens, and then a great third act. Spider-Man 3 was what I like to call an ambitious failure. It tried to do too much and the plot ended up collapsing, but there is some legitimately great stuff there in the piled rubble. TASM has some good action scenes and performances, but completely screws up the Spider-Man character and is overall a pretty soulless film that seems like something a board of directors would come up with rather than a true auteur.

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