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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

Originally Posted by Aztec View Post
The easiest way for me to respond to this post is: "Show me proof that Marvel DOES want to share their universe with Fox/Sony".

What's the best you got? The Oscorp Tower idea that a few guys kicked around but was never used?

However, I'll play your game if you want. How about the proposed Galactus/Silver Surfer for Daredevil trade for proof? Clearly Marvel has designs for these characters, and they don't trust Fox to use them properly, so they asked for those rights back. If they trusted Fox, and/or wanted to merge the universes (as you suggest), wouldn't they simply let Fox make the movie and tie it in?

Other proof? Rather than hammering out deals with Fox/Sony to get their heavy hitters back Marvel is moving forward with lesser known characters: Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, etc. They are showing Fox, Sony, and probably more importantly WB/DC that they don't even need big draw power to be successful just good storytelling, characters, and creative direction. It's worked for Cap, Iron Man, and Thor so far; all characters the General Audience knew next to nothing about before their solo outings and The Avengers. Hell, they also showed the audience that Hulk CAN be made awesome on the big screen. Now that the GA is aware of these characters and Marvel's interconnected plans, they will be increasingly on board with Marvel's strategy IMHO. The Avengers are truly part of the vernacular of popular culture now like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc. So Marvel simply doesn't NEED Spidey, X-Men, FF, and GR at the moment. They are EXTREMELY successful without them. Although they would certainly like them back...but only under their terms.

Finally Marvel has little reason to trust Fox or Sony because their percentages of quality films is so poor. Again look at Fox: they are 3 for 9 in Marvel films. Sony is 3 for 6 in Marvel films. These are awful percentages. WB/DC's percentages are even worse I'm sure, although I'd have to debate what counts as a "DC" movie vs. a Vertigo, etc...(I'll leave that for someone else). Marvel/Disney on the other hand? They are 6 for 6!

What makes you so convinced that Fox has it right now? The fact that First Class was better than expected? Aside from Magneto's scenes that movie wasn't nearly as mind blowing as some make it out to be. In fact, I found it rather redundant at this point, but that's just me. Perhaps you are excited about Millar's inclusion? Have you read any of his stuff? I'll give you The Ultimates, but aside from that his only contribution to comics is taking characters and turning them "EXTREME!!!!!". Do you also know that he hasn't even met with Bryan Singer yet? Also The Wolverine was nearly finished with production before he was even offered the role. How much of an impact is he going to have on that one? Maybe your hanging your hopes on Bryan Singer's return? May I ask, how is that a novel idea for Fox? They are simply grasping at straws by returning to the ONLY success they have found with these films. This is not a creative stroke, this is DESPERATION. Fox has yet to have a single creative idea yet. A Cinematic Universe? They blatantly stole that from Marvel. Marvel Studios rightfully owns the title: "The House of Ideas". They are by far the most creative movie studio in recent memory, perhaps all time!

Singer confirms that the "Cinematic Universe" includes all 5 X-Men films released currently. Do you want a universe where XO:Wolverine and The Last Stand exist? A universe where continuity is so chaotic and shoddy (thanks to XO:W and First Class) that they have to make a time travel movie to try and make sense of it?

To be honest. I'm simply not sold on Fox's turnaround. If I'm Marvel/Disney, I stay the hell away from them and Sony. But of course maybe I'll be proved wrong...
All of that's a very paranoid view of Marvel's relationship with Fox and Sony, and you believe that this comes from a place of competition. Me, I prefer to look at it from a more objective standpoint, one that's coming from a place of business.

Marvel makes money off their properties at other studios. For every dollar that Spidey and X-Men and FF make, Marvel gets a percentage of the profits. They *want* those movies to succeed. IIRC, Disney/Marvel even acquired *all* the merchandising rights to the Spider-Man movie toys and tie-ins last year.

The brief spat over Galactus and Surfer had nothing to do with Marvel not trusting Fox to "do those characters justice"; it was simply that they wanted to use those characters in a future movie storyline, most likely something tied in with Guardians or Avengers. They don't begrudge Fox the opportunity to use them again in a Fantastic Four reboot.


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