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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
"If you get the right ......."

You could say that for practically any film concept. It's more ambiguous than it is practical. Opening weekend draws for both those films were horrid. The demand is nowhere near it is for male-led superhero films.
Sure, I doubt a superheroine movie will ever make Iron Man or Batman or Spider-Man numbers, based on the unavoidable fact that the majority of male moviegoers don't go see "chick flicks," and that the majority of female moviegoers don't generally go see "action flicks," or "geek flicks." And a superheroine movie actually falls somewhere in between those genres.

But I don't even remotely believe that the dismal box office and critical response to Elektra and Catwoman had anything to do with the fact that a woman was in the lead; it was the fact that they were crappy movies, period. And from a fanboy standpoint, neither movie was remotely true to the actual characters; so people who actually *wanted* to see a movie about Elektra and Catwoman stayed away simply because they knew that the studios were trying to pawn off INOs. I think if Marvel Studios or *any* studio made a serious attempt at a superheroine movie that was true to the character and did a decent attempt at making an entertaining adventure, the audiences would show up. Again, not as large as the fanbase for an Iron Man or Wolverine or Batman, but they could generate a helluva lot bigger box office than Elektra or Catwoman ever dreamed of.


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