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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
All of that's a very paranoid view of Marvel's relationship with Fox and Sony, and you believe that this comes from a place of competition. Me, I prefer to look at it from a more objective standpoint, one that's coming from a place of business.

Marvel makes money off their properties at other studios. For every dollar that Spidey and X-Men and FF make, Marvel gets a percentage of the profits. They *want* those movies to succeed. IIRC, Disney/Marvel even acquired *all* the merchandising rights to the Spider-Man movie toys and tie-ins last year.

Marvel only makes 10% of of the BO and DVD sales so thats no real money IMO but..
While true for Sony its not so true for Fox's Marvel properties though at the moment they have Fox in a merchandising corner. While Marvel doesn't currently have a merchandising deal, Fox can't sell merchandise based on Marvel characters so Fox, at the moment, are stuck in getting all their money off their movies through BO and DVD/Bluray sales/rentals. Fox needs to do business with Disney for not only Marvel but for Star Wars I through VI too.

brief spat over Galactus and Surfer had nothing to do with Marvel not trusting Fox to "do those character justice"; it was simply that they wanted to use those characters in a future movie storyline, most likely something tied in with Guardians or Avengers. They don't begrudge Fox the opportunity to use them again in a Fantastic Four reboot.
No but Fox cut their nose to spite their face and thats why they're in a corner now treading water with their Chiuaua barking negotiating position while the Rottweiler Big Dogs of Sony (solely because they have Spider-Man) and Marvel/Disney because they have the IT factor right now.. Fox is the one that has to budge if they don't then, well.. They have to live with their own greed by losing money on the BO..


Originally Posted by Aztec
3) I don't get it. You trash me by claiming that my "assertion just isn't true" and then you say nothing about how it isn't true. In fact, everything you claim I agree with completely. OF COURSE Marvel WANTS to use all of its characters, it's just that they have proven that they don't NEED all of their characters to be successful. So why on earth or Asgard would they need a useless financial leach like Fox and/or Sony to deal with?
Well I didn't mean to Trash you.. My apologies.. I read the statement that Marvel doesn't wan't a shared universe with the Fox characters and I'd just limit that to the X-Franchise but the FF fits right in with what they're doing. and Fox knows it so they're playing hardball but in reality their FF reboot is probably gonna bomb if they really go through with it.. And what a waste that is..

Finally, you claim that you are "almost willing to bet" TASM2 will tie into the MCU. While nothing is impossible, this is pure speculation at best. Again, I have to ask: What does Marvel/Disney have to gain from this? A very popular character as part of their universe that they can't use in a film without paying through the nose for? Especially when they are proving that second and even third tier characters can be successful on screen with the right talent and plot? And not to mention they have hundreds more such characters on top of that? I just don't see it. Sorry.
I'm still almost willing to bet because they do have a direct merchandising relationship which is a better relationship then what they have with Fox.. Though you do note I say "Almost willing" so I do agree with your caution..

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